3D is the new thing in the ways of Technology. This year’s CES was heavily focused on the technology and whether it be used with glasses, or glasses-free, many companies feel that the technology is here to stay. LG is one of these companies, going as far to promise a working 3D mobile screen device demo shortly.

James Choi, marketing strategy and planning team director at LG Electronics global, was asked if the glasses-free 3D technology was something that was just a concept, or if we would actually be seeing it sometime soon.

“3D mobile display is one technology that isn’t 3-5 years down the road. …You’ll be very surprised shortly, of an actual working 3D device from LG. I’ll leave it there before I say too much.”

Mobile World Congress is just weeks away, and we fully expect LG to be demoing this technology at the event. We’ll be there, and will bring you all the coverage from this year’s MWC.

[Via Pocket-Lint]


  1. Let’s hope so. So far, it seems consumer opinion, even of the glasses-free technology, is that it’s just a “phase.” I sure hope we will be impressed with this upcoming technology, it’s perfect for mobile screens.


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