LG is claiming battery superiority, and it has just performed tests designed to prove it. LG tested its own Optimus G against a Samsung Galaxy S III. This is an interesting move on LG’s part. Going directly at one of its competitors and coming out ahead with a feature as important as battery life could be quite important for LG.

Both devices sport 2,100 mAh batteries. They put the devices head to head for talking on the phone, and watching and filming videos. According to LG, the Optimus G came out ahead on all fronts. LG’s results show that one could talk on the phone for 15.8 consecutive hours on the Optimus G compared to 9.5 hours on the Galaxy S III. They also found that the Optimus G records videos for 3.8 hours and plays them for 7.9 hours. The Galaxy S III, on the other hand, records for 2.8 hours and plays for 7.3 hours.

LG says the tests were conducted using the same conditions for both devices. Both phones were set to 50% backlight for the entirety of the test and both were on LG’s Uplus network. They also tested both devices for reporters at an event and showed the real-time difference in energy consumption between the two devices.

LG says it did not do this test as an attack against Samsung. Rather, they were attempting to clear up some misconceptions about the battery life of its device. Of course, beating the competition is a convenient bonus.

[via The Korea Herald]


  1. Gotta pretty much laugh here at Lg who are they fooling. Take a real good look at the Lg Óptimus G and what do you see?? Looks like they did everything they can to copy Samsung especially from the key software features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and upcoming Galaxy Note 2. Can’t blame them they better choose someone to copy cause they are not even in the equation of android. Those above stats are baseless at best nice thou….

      • That’s a bit shortsighted and fanboyist… it’s not even that amazing of a battery life, just 15 hours, even if you had the screen on for 2 hours…
        You should be happy and hope LG and others can outdo the battery life of current phones…

      • Fanboyist, That’s pretty comical at best. I owned the Lg Revolution on Verizon and know how crappy Lg devices have been for the last three years. I have been one of the most open android people ever. Owned the Htc Evo 4g, Htc Evo 3d, Lg Revolution, Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and now the Samsung Galaxy S3. I have been on all the carriers in almost three years with these various devices. I welcome growth and want the best for android i always will. But Lg should get there products out to market and let the people decide. We all know they have a long way to go when comparing to Samsung. Plus if this Lg Óptimus G was so great why is it launching with Ice Cream Sandwich instead of Jellybean like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2???. Great diversion I suppose talk about battery when your software is weak. Great job Lg. Samsung has been and always will be the ultimate leader of android. People already know this they earned there top spot I suggest Lg start trying to do the same…

      • 1. Just because you owned *one* phone from LG almost a *year* ago, for no more than *4 weeks*, doesn’t mean you are even remotely qualified to judge an entire company’s products, let alone one you’ve never seen with your own eyes.
        2. When you owned the Evo 4G and 3D, you wouldn’t shut up about how “legendary” or “BOSS” they were. You even said multiple times that “nothing will ever compare”. Then you got a Galaxy Nexus with Verizon and started saying how “boss” IT was. You even hilariously thought it would be Verizon’s flagship phone! When you realized you couldn’t afford Verizon’s services, you “kicked them to the curb” and got the SGSIII. Since then you’ve been saying how it’ll be the greatest thing for the “next 180 days”, and how “pimp slapping” it is. You are the very definition of a fanboy. In fact, the editor of the article you “wrote” for Android and Me about 15 months ago labeled you as a “superfan”. Call me stupid, but “superfan” carries the same weight as “fanboy”. http://androidandme.com/2011/07/reviews/richard-yarrell-reviews-the-evo-3d/
        3. “I have been one of the most open android people ever” That’s a joke, right? A little over a year ago, you called the HTC Thunderbolt the “Thunderdud”, and came up with “Samsuck” to describe Samsung. If someone didn’t own an Evo of some kind, you called them “useless” and “worthless bums”. You’re doing the same thing now with your “bitch slapping” SGSIII. You must’ve “insulted” me about owning a “useless Samsung Moment on Metro PCS” (a carrier that never offered the phone) hundreds of times for 2 years, and now you’re saying the same of the Galaxy Nexus I now own. You are the *least* open Android person ever. The fact that you’re judging one product so harshly, based on the entire company is evidence enough of that. When will the lies ever stop flowing from your grubby little face?
        4. “But Lg should get there products out to market and let the people decide.” And yet, you’re judging the product before it’s even been put on the market. You’re judging the product based only on what a *very* few advance reviews are saying about it. What a f*cking hypocrite.

      • Sorry, I didn’t know your android history…
        Well, still, even if LG is not good with hardware or even software it’s not impossible, or even unlikely that they get a breakthrough in battery technology… Hope they do, we need a battery technology leap now!

      • As a platform more is better for us as consumers. I wish Lg well cause if they can get better in the software front then things will be great for all. It’s possible that all of them Motorola, Samsung and Lg will focus on battery life.

  2. Samsung sucks with their laggy cheap feeling phones LG and Apple have the best hardware around for their phones that feel elegant and expensive to hold as well as comfortable. I might just trade in my iPhone 5 for one of these bad boys (optimus g)


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