Does anyone remember that odd 4:3 aspect ratio smartphone from LG last year? The LG Optimus Vu was quite the handset and wanted to take on the Galaxy Note, and eventually even hit the US on Verizon as the LG Intuition. Well, it looks like a new and improved Optimus Vu III phablet might be in the works if the latest leaks are accurate.

The uncomfortable to hold and oddly shaped 5-inch device with a wide 4:3 aspect ratio wasn’t extremely popular in the states, but apparently sold enough to warrant a few successors. Yes that would be the third Vu, because the company released an updated second model back in South Korea last year, for those curious.

The device had pretty awesome specs, support for a stylus, but just wasn’t enough of a match for Samsung’s Galaxy Note II, but maybe the third time’s a charm. Today we’re seeing some leaked screenshots and photo samples that could be exactly that, a new Vu III.

LG’s dropped the “Optimus” branding from flagship devices, but the leak shows what appears to be another 1280 x 960 resolution display, which certainly isn’t top-tier 1080p like we’ve been seeing. So it may just be a successor to the previous devices, and not a flagship smartphone. That leak also suggests the same odd 4:3 aspect ratio, which wasn’t our favorite. We’ll update if we learn more.

VIA: PhoneArena