The lovers phone, LG Optimus V, the one we’ll be getting our hands on very soon indeed, has already received its own root job. This phone is a Virgin Mobile exclusive, is the latest phone in the mid-tier Optimus family, and is apparently very easy to hack into. The method used to root this device is the same one that’s worked on previous Optimus machines, notably the Optimus One and Sprint’s Optimus S. That method is SuperOneClick.

To grab hold of your very own root for this device, since you undoubtedly already own it because of its Valentines Day ties, head over to sublimewulf’s thread on XDA entitled HOW TO: Root Optimus V (Virgin Mobile). The instructions are relatively quick and easy, especially if you’ve used SuperOneClick before. Have fun. Be careful. Be back by 9.

[Via XDA Developers Forums]


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