There are so many Honeycomb driven tablets coming out at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, that it’s almost becoming ho-hum.  But SlashGear came across the LG Optimus Pad and found it surprisingly refreshing. But with it’s glossy LED screen, that may not last long.

Glossy screens mean one thing … fingerprints.  It was the bane of the Galaxy Tab and it’s the bane of the Optimus as well.  But since it’s an 8.9 inch panel putting it in between a handy 7 inch tablet and a larger 10 inch category, the Optimus can be easier to hold and still have just a bit more real estate.  A nifty selling point is that it not only records in 1080p full HD video, but also in 720p HD video in 3D (although users will have to use glasses to enjoy the 3rd dimension).

Check out the video

[vms f205953f9d3d7974bdd7]

Running Android 3 (Honeycomb) in a pure, Google Experience configuration, the interface is very snappy and responsive – no doubt thanks to it’s Tegra 2 processor.  And the 3D capability makes for a fun toy when wanting to play with HD video recording through it’s dual cameras on the back.   It’s a definite niche vibe, to be sure, but the smaller size may be attractive for mobile users looking for a tad more real estate but not too much that it can’t fit in a purse or backpack with relative ease.

[via SlashGear]