LG announced Jelly Bean for the international variant of the Optimus L9 back in mid-March. That update began rolling out immediately as was expected, however it left things up in the air for those with a T-Mobile branded Optimus L9. The good news has arrived though, T-Mobile has begun updating the Optimus L9 to Jelly Bean.

Specifically, the LG Optimus L9 is getting Android 4.1.2 which will be arriving with baseband version P76920d. The update is available over-the-air and will measure in at 350MB in size. Those with a T-Mobile Optimus L9 now have two options to consider. The first being to sit back and wait for the update notification to arrive. The second option is the one we suspect most will follow though — checking for it now.

If you are taking option number two, grab your handset and once connected to Wi-Fi, navigate to Menu -> Settings -> About device -> System update to get the process started. From here, and for those who have received the on-device notification — you can simply follow the prompts to get the update process completed.

T-Mobile hasn’t offered anything specific in terms of what the update will bring. The changelog is simple and to the point and mentions only that the operating system is being updated to Jelly Bean. Of course, we know that Jelly Bean means some additional features and improvements. Just to name a few, those updating will have Google Now as well as the improved (and actionable) notifications.

[via T-Mobile]

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    • I heard the same thing but I haven’t found way to do this in Jelly Bean short of rooting the phone. Of course, I’ve spent most of my time playing with Google Now and trying to figure out how to use it without it killing my battery so quickly, so it is possible I haven’t looked hard enough.

      If anyone has a tip on how to do this I’d love to hear it.

  1. This suck guys I’m in the same boat with no update for jelly bean so if we all get lucky and get get three update letters have a jelly bean party with actual beans ya ya.

  2. The “hack” mentioned in the t-mobile forums worked for me.

    First clear the Google Framework Data:

    Settings – Apps – Google Framework Services – Clear Data – Force Stop – Clear Data (again)

    Then check for updates:

    Settings – System – About Phone – System Updates – (Should have a 1969 date) Check Now.

    I had to do this three times but it finally started. Also, it requires you be on a Wifi connection until May 9 according to the downloading screen. Make sure you are fully charged or attached to a charger before you start the update.

    • worked for me…waiting started to suck…clear data then force stop then clear again is the way I got it… I was forcing then clearing…thanks wellstexs

    • I though tu were trying to screw with my device lol but i googled it and u wenrt took me 15-20 tries to get it though!
      everyone do this^^ it works

  3. Got the update this morning and my phone keeps restarting, can’t connect to my cell service, the camera won’t start, and has frozen about 7 times now (not exaggerating), and lags constantly

  4. I got the update last night and it erased most of my pictures, i have no signal or internet, i cant get into my messages. This update is terrible

  5. I noticed that bluetooth and WIFI are consuming more battery resources than before.. by a lot. Also, the email module is using more data. However, the really annoying part is that data speeds, and connections between towers are inconsistent. For example, as you transition from WIFI to regular 4G, the phone has issues realizing that it’s running on 4G. The indicator may say 4G, but it fails to connect. I need to toggle the phone in and out of airplane mode to correct this issue. So far, I see no up side to Jelly Bean.


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