The lowliest of LG’s Mobile World Congress reveals is still a pretty slick little device, and those of you in Europe won’t have to wait long to get your hands on it. The company announced that the budget-minded Optimus L3 will gets its debut in Europe later in March, with Asian and American releases to follow. There’s no word on a price tag, though the unlocked version should be priced well below the going rate for Android phones, given its light emphasis on specifications.

Speaking of which: the Optimus L3 is the smallest of the L-series, with a 3.2-inch LCD display running at just 320×240 pixels. It’s powered by an 800mhz single-core processor – fast enough for LG’s customized version of Gingerbread, but don’t expect it to fly. The camera on the back is just 3.2 megapixels. The big draw for the L3 (and in many ways the other two L-series phones) is the styling, which apes LG’s previous partnerships with PRADA to make a squared-off sleek look. IN the realm of low-end Android phones the L3 is certainly a looker, which should help buyers look over its lack of advanced wireless.

Strangely, LG has said nothing of the Optimus L5 or Optimus L7, the much more powerful and (for most) desirable parts of the stylish phone series. Considering their concurrent announcement the phones can’t be too far apart in production, but the superior components and unique chassis of the larger phones may be throwing roadblocks on their path to release. It’s also interesting that LG is choosing Europe as the primary market, at least for the L3: one would expect them to release it in their home territory of South Korea first.

[via Androinica]