Anyone who has ever tried to take notes or write a quick memo on most smartphones knows that it’s often not a quick process. You have to search out the correct app and launch it. Then use the on-screen keyboard to type out your message. The on-screen keyboards aren’t the best if you need to type out a long memo or message.

LG has announced that its entire line of Optimus L-series smartphones are getting a new feature that makes taking notes very easy. The new feature is called QuickMemo. The feature is being rolled out in certain regions now, and will be available globally by the end of Q3 2012. The QuickMemo feature allows the user to instantly screen capture any content including web pages, photographs, and videos.

Once the content on the screen is captured, the user can write, draw, or jot a memo directly on the screen captured using their finger. That means no need to launch an additional application and no need to mess with an on-screen keyboard. Once the memo notes are taken, they can be shared via text, chat, or e-mail service.

Users who download the QuickMemo upgrade can activate the feature by pressing the volume keys or via the notification bar. The Optimus L-series of smartphones includes the L7, L5, and L3. LG has also announced that it will be releasing pink versions of the phones in the series.

“The QuickMemo™ is one of the representing features for LG’s UX(user experience) to enhance the quality of communication by sharing ideas with more personalization.” said Paul Bae, Vice President of marketing center of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.