LG’s new Optimus G has taken its position as the company’s new flagship device for 2012. That alone is probably enough to turn some heads, but the title of “flagship” doesn’t mean too much if the Optimus G can’t deliver the goods when it comes to what’s under the hood. We’ve compared the LG Optimus G to the Samsung Galaxy S III (and threw in the HTC One X just for kicks) to give you a better idea of the kind of bang you’re getting for your buck, so read on if the Optimus G has piqued your interest.

First, let’s start with the screen. The LG Optimus G comes with a 4.7-inch “TrueHD IPS+” LCD display running at 1280×768 resolution, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S III sports a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen at 1280×720. When weighed against each other, the screens on the S III and the Optimus G both have pros and cons, and the differences between the two aren’t exactly tremendous. The HTC One X, on the other hand, has a 4.7-inch S-LCD screen, and even though it boasts 720p resolution, the Optimus G’s screen will be the better performer.

Next up are the processors, which are definitely the most important part of the phone. The Optimus G comes equipped with a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor clocked at 1.5GHZ, which will definitely be capable of going faster than either the Galaxy S III’s or One X’s S4 dual-core processors. The international version of the Galaxy S III does come equipped with a quad-core Exynos processor clocked at 1.4GHz, so even though that’s better, you’ll still be able to squeeze more power out of the Snapdragon S4 Pro that’s found in the Optimus G.

The Optimus G also comes packing 2GB of RAM under the hood, which is clearly better than the 1GB the S III and the One X can boast. With the front-facing camera, the S III’s 1.8-megapixel shooter comes out on top, as compared to the 1.3-megapixel camera found on the Optimus G and One X. As far as rear-facing cameras go, however, the Optimus G is the winner hands down as it comes with an awesome 13-megapixel camera installed. By comparison, the S III and the One X only have 8-megapixels to take advantage of. All three phones have incredibly similar measurements and weights (though the Optimus G is slightly thinner than the S III), and all three are capable of recording video in 1080p.

You’ll be able to get a bit more life out of the Optimus G’s 2,210 mAh battery than you will with the Galaxy S III’s 2,100 mAh pack, and that’s especially true with the One X, which only has a 1,800 mAh battery to work with. At the end of it all, the HTC One X isn’t even in the competition – the LG Optimus G blows it out of the water easily. The same can’t be said for the match up between the Galaxy S III and the Optimus G. While the Optimus G comes out on top in a lot of places, the Galaxy S III puts up a good fight. Still, the processor, RAM, and rear-facing camera of the Optimus G allow the new flagship device to be crowned the winner of this particular face-off – at least as far as the specs are concerned.

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  1. Wow what a rookie this story writer is. My s3 currently has 1.3 gbs of ram available. That means it has 2gb total. Research before you write.

  2. What a funny review. It could have been replaced with a chart comparing each feature of the phones. “This camera is the winner because 13 is higher than 8.” Um, ok.


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