If you’re a fan of LG or have been eying a new device to replace that aging smartphone over on AT&T, we have an excellent new LG worthy of your attention. Today the LG Optimus G Pro is available in stores and online from AT&T, and will bring you up to speed in terms of the latest hardware and software in the mobile space. With a 5.5-inch screen and more read on to see what it’s about.

LG announced the Optimus G Pro back in March, but earlier this month it was revealed for the US and coming to AT&T, and now it’s available. With the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 series quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM as the GALAXY S 4, only with a bigger 5.5-inch full 1080p HD display this device could be your next smartphone.

The Optimus G Pro is pretty decent from our hands-on time with it last week, and you can expect a full review coming later today from us here at Android Community to help you make up your mind. The device will only run you $199, so it has the same screen size as the Note II yet comes in for less cash. It’s the same price as the 16GB GALAXY S 4, but offers 32GB of internal storage and a bigger screen. So you decide.

With a 5.5-inch 1080p FHD display, quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, as well as a 13 megapixel camera, 3,040 mAh battery, micro-SD slot and more it has most boxes checked for a top-tier device. You’ll only be on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but it’s available as we speak from AT&T stores and is shipping to those who pre-ordered as well. Stay tuned for more details and let us know if you picked one up, or plan on doing so this weekend.

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