If you happen to own one of LG‘s early Android flagships, the LG Optimus G, then you might have been wondering if Android 4.4 will ever be coming your way. Wonder no more, as the smartphone will most likely receive the update this summer, depending on how much credibility you are willing to give French carrier SFR.

Unlike most carriers, SFR seems to be too willing to tease and leak out Android update schedules. However, its prediction capabilities are not exactly spot on, though there have been times when its timetable did match reality, give or take a month. Which is why anything coming out of the carrier’s hands, officially or otherwise, is more often than not met with a healthy dose of skepticism. The carrier seems to be aware of that reputation, and so now it is even showing the public proof of an Optimus G running Android KitKat.

That said, the actual version running on this device is noted to be a test version, and not the final retail image. Nonetheless, its very existence will probably be enough to give owners some hope of renewed life for their devices. Not much is known about what features will come along with the Android 4.4 firmware and SFR is surprisingly coy about it. But if the LG G2 update is any indication, some features, particularly Knock Code, will most likely come via a later firmware update, if at all.

An official Android 4.4 update for the LG Optimus G is welcome news indeed. Announced in late 2012 and launched in early 2013, the Optimus G is technically the LG G2’s predecessor, from a time before the manufacturer dropped the “Optimus” moniker for its premium line. Sporting hardware that would fall under the mid-range category, the update will be a testament to Android 4.4’s scalability as well as LG’s commitment to its customers. SFR has estimated a summer rollout for the update, but barring any major showstoppers, it could be out late this month or July at the latest.

VIA: The Droid Guy


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