Typical Android users are always on the lookout for updates to the operating system running on their smartphone. Android updates typically bring all sorts of fixes for issues you may be experiencing and often add new and interesting features to the mix. If you own the LG Optimus G smartphone, you should have access to the Android 4.1.2 update now.

Sprint announced that the Jelly Bean update is available and going out over the air as of yesterday. The updated operating system brings with it some nice new features and other changes. This version of the operating system replaces the previous default browser with Chrome.

The update also brings Google Now, improved voice search, and the camera app. People who like to customize their device will also be glad to hear that system widgets can be installed now without having root access to the device. Another nice update comes with this new operating system is Android Beam to send photos and other content between devices.

Android Beam supports Bluetooth data transfer. Notifications are also now expendable and actionable. The user interface is smoother and the phone will support user-installable keyboard maps. Users can now also turn off notifications on an app specific basis. This sounds like a very nice update indeed.

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