For those of you paying rather close attention, you’ll remember back a few months ago when we showed you the LG Optimus Black, an Android handset that employed a brand new NOVA display. That phone had a 4-inch screen, was said to be carrying Android 2.2 Froyo, and will be coming in at 6mm at its thinnest point. What we’ve got here is a big brother to that, codename Optimus Big, a 4.3″ monster that’ll be coming out on an LG U+ carrier in Korea starting in April 2011. Will it be coming to the states? We hope so!

On the other hand, it does have kind of a cheesy looking white casing around it. But then again, maybe it’ll come to the Western world in a nice silver or black? And what’s this NOVA all about, you might be asking? A NOVA panel, LG says, is one that saves around 50 percent of the power usage when compared to a normal LCD, but still burns bright at 700nits brightness (that’s BRIGHT!)

This phone’s only other released detail is also a leak (right alongside the image we’ve got above which comes from Xportsnews, is that this phone will be released with a 1GHz single-core chipset. Perhaps to make the case for as long lasting a battery as possible. And what version of Android will it be running? More than likely the same situation that’s true of the Black will be true here: Android 2.2 at launch, upgradable to 2.3 Gingerbread when it becomes available though whichever carrier this phone is carried on.

This phone look familiar to anyone? Perhaps a different manufacturer?

[via PhoneArena]


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