Mobile World Congress is quickly approaching and we’re expecting a lot of devices from all companies. However, one device that’s gaining the most traction online is the LG Optimus 3D. We all know that LG is planning to enter the mobile 3D space and it seems the Optimus 3D will be their flagship device – but is the world ready for mobile 3D?

Now 3D is huge in the TV industry and even though consumer adoption has been pretty acceptable (Samsung stated they sold well over 1 million units in 2010) users think that it’s pretty gimmicky and might just be a phase. The mobile space, especially featuring glasses-less displays will hopefully be a completely different situation.

Either way, we’re definitely excited for the LG Optimus 3D can’t wait until LG’s press event February 14th and see if we like the mobile 3D experience.

What do you think of mobile 3D? Would it be something that interests you, or just a phase that you do not want to be a suffering early adapter to?


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