We’re awaiting the true experience when it comes to glasses-free 3D, waiting for it to give us something we never knew we needed but definitely need now, if you know what I’m talking about. Although Yoga isn’t something that we’d guess many of the hardcore early-adopter crowd individuals are into, this commercial featuring a lady learning Yoga poses from what appears to be a miraculous display of third dimension graphics via the LG Optimus 3D has some definite potential for double-looks.

While it seems rather absurd that this Yoga woman would have more success looking at a tiny screen rather than a giant TV screen, even if the tiny screen has impossibly amazing 3D capabilities, the prospect of such a screen brightens the mind. LG tosses out a tagline “3D – it’s Better for Real” to let you know that one of the coolest things you can use the phone for is instructions that require you to move your body in a certain way, or for descriptions of items that’d be much better off seen from multiple directions at once.

But the images are clearly added in post. How could a machine possibly display these images so perfectly? If what this commercial would have us believe were true, lightsabers would also work. No need to have a place for the light to land! We can’t wait to get our hands on the phone however, just to see what it’s REALLY capable of.

This phone will almost certainly be revealed at some point next week during World Mobile Congress 2011 in Barcelona. We’ll be there to bring it to you live and on time, and you can keep up to date by hitting our [MWC 2011] portal all week long.


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