A single-core processor used to suffice even the heaviest smartphone users. What about incorporating two of them into your device, so when one slacks off, the other has its back? The Optimus 2X, announced today by LG, blusters two processors running simultaneously- the first tech of its kind implemented into a smartphone.

Like the HTC EVO on the Sprint network, this phone has been labeled as the “superphone” and is expected to be on its golden pedestal during CES 2011. From there many of the questions regarding the technical performance of the NVIDIA Tegra 2’s will be answered by their mobile business manager Mike Rayfield. It is said we may experience superb battery life from the dual cores; a feature we’ve all longed for on the Android front. If not seen in North America on T-Mobile’s network, as this will primarily launch in Europe, we will most likely see more of NVIDIA’s dual core genius paired with LG in a revised American version.

[Via RCRWireless]