It looks like LG may have made a slight change on the Nexus 4. A recently surfaced image is showing a Nexus 4 without the glittery back. But before anyone gets super worked up, the back is still glass and apparently the same in terms of build quality — it is just not as sparkly.

The image was posted by the folks over at Auto-oMobile who have said that ” the LG Nexus 4 now doesn’t seem to glitter like the earlier batch. No matter what angle you hold it at or lighting conditions. It seems to have lost the glitter effect.” The question remains though, how widespread this actually it. Further details in the posting note that they have seen a “dozen reader” complaints.

The key here, this less-glittery Nexus 4 appears to be coming from a recently shipped batch and as of now, neither Google or LG have offered any sort of statement. This means we could end up with a situation where some users have gotten less than perfect units, or possibly a situation where a change was made and users are now just finding out.

We have also seen a quickly growing forum posting over on xda, however there seems to be more arguing over whether the back is more durable as a result. And as a side note, we are not buying into the back cover being more durable as a result of the lack of sparkles. One forum member did suggest that the switch could have come as a result of the handset now coming from a different factory. Again, that last bit is also unconfirmed. Bottom line here, if you are waiting on a Nexus 4, you may or may not be getting a glittery back cover.

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[via Auto-oMobile]