FM radio will soon be heard on future LG phones. Not that it’s a new thing since there are numerous FM apps are available on the Play Store but the other South Korean tech giant has recently partnered with TagStation to bring FM chips to smartphones. TagStation is known for the NextRadio app so it has an experience already in bringing the old school FM radio to mobile devices.

With this move, LG phones with the FM chip enabled can have access to FM radio in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Local FM radio can be enjoyed even when there is no cellular coverage. LG will have to work with other wireless carriers first but this effort is already good news.

Aside from using the FM hardware, LG will pre-install the NextRadio app on next-gen phones. We believe there are still people who listen t the radio because they like the idea of a shared experience of listening to live music over-the-air. Radio access via streaming may be enough and just as good but the FM chip doesn’t use as much power so battery drain is less.

LG’s partnership with TagStation helps the latter in its mission to “connect and expose users to a fully immersive radio experience” as shared by NextRadio’s President Paul Brenner.

SOURCE: NextRadio