Today the folks from LG and Verizon are issuing a quick software update out for the LG Lucid smartphone. A little after a year after its release the Lucid is getting a nice update today, although nothing major has been spotted. We won’t be on a new version of Android, but the changelog below will detail all the minor adjustments.

It looks like Verizon and LG are focusing on maintaining the device with this update, as we’re not seeing a new version of Android or anything too specific. However, the Lucid is getting a slew of security patches, app updates, and bundled software upgrades. To name a few.

As you can see below the changelog details multiple Android and Google security additions, the remote diagnostics have been removed, and they’ve improved my Verizon, Google Maps, sync features and much more. This is a well rounded maintenance release folks, but that’s all.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.10.32 PM

Verizon backup will now backup all media with the Lucid, as that was somehow missed before. This budget device was just updated in a major way even if there isn’t new features included. It’s nice to see LG keeping things up to date. You’ll notice an 80MB update arriving shortly. So stay tuned and drop us a comment below if you notice any changes.

VIA: AndroidPolice