The word “basic” has suddenly become a different word with all these millennial hyperbole statements, but back in the day, it was actually a good thing, if you prefer the simple, unencumbered life. There are some who prefer their smartphones to actually just be basic. And if you’re one of those people, Verizon is now making available a feature-packed but user-friendly device called the LG K4 LTE which you can get on a device payment system or just cash outright.

Verizon identified three things that are probably most important for people who are looking for a basic smartphone: a great-looking screen, a pretty stylish design, and of course, the ability to easily take and share photos. The LG K4 LTE is being positioned as that kind of phone, and you can even type on it with one hand and take selfies easily as well. The device has a 4.5” 854 x 480 pixels display and is powered by a 1.1 GHz quad core processor.

Camera-wise, it has a 5MP main one and a 2MP front-facing one. It does have several photo features to make up for the lack in pixels. The Selfie Shot lets you take your selfies even in low-lifting conditions, but of course don’t expect super hi-res photos from it but rather decent ones. It also has Gesture Shot that will make it easy for you to trigger the shot.

The LG K4 LTE is available on Verizon for only $5 per month for the next 24 months. Its full price is just $120, so if you feel like buying one outright, you can also do so.

SOURCE: Verizon