Everything and everyone is going online. In this world when millions to probably billions of people are forced to stay at home, we are witnessing many things go digital or electronic. The Internet is THE world we live in now until the pandemic is over. When product launches can be done online with a simple press release, live events are more exciting. However, it’s something we can’t do right now. A number of tech events have been canceled this year. Companies now opt for virtual-only events. The next big one will be IFA 2020. It’s official there will be no live event. It’s a first after 96 years.

The virtual IFA event will be a launching pad for LG for its new smart home devices. A Save the Date teaser has been shared, sharing the ‘Life’s Good from Home’ banner. LG has an online exhibition booth that will let visitors check out the latest from LG.

A press conference is scheduled for September 3 at 11:00 CEST. The South Korean tech company will be streaming the event from the LG Global YouTube (www.youtube.com/GlobalLG).

LG Electronics’ CTO Dr. I.P. Park will be presenting the company’s future vision for consumers. The goal is to allow more people to have a safer and more convenient home. LG is launching the LG ThinQ Home Solution at IFA 2020. It will be a response to the “New Normal” that we live at the moment.

LG has made a physical smart home showroom. It’s a four-story home that features products and services that use LG technologies. K-pop star Henry Lau will do a virtual tour of the home so we can see how the smart home devices can be used seamlessly together. LG will also show an interactive video presenting how a family can live in an LG-powered home.

LG Electronics’ Global Marketing Center’s Kim Jin-hong is positive about this event” “Although we would prefer to be participating under better circumstances, we are excited to be a part of IFA 2020 to share with consumers around the globe our vision for a healthier and infinitely more convenient home. Through our strength in AI and human-centric design, we are creating a fully integrated suite of products and services that makes it easier to live, work, and relax at home.”

This virtual booth by LG will be interactive so consumers can have fun while learning what the company has to offer. We’re looking forward to this online-only event.


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