If you’re the proud owner of the LG Intuition over on Verizon Wireless, also known as the LG Optimus Vu phablet, we have some bad news. Reports are flowing in that Verizon and LG recently sent out an update for the device that is causing some serious issues and headaches for many. You’ll still be on Android 4.0 ICS, and all the problems it’s causing might make you want to reconsider accepting the update.

According to the folks at AndroidPolice, the LG Intuition update is causing far more harm than good. Since hardly anyone owns that massively over-sized device we haven’t heard much regarding it, but for those who do use it this is a major problem. The update is breaking all sorts of things, for multiple users, and hopefully a fix is in the works.

Reports mention constant app failures and errors, notification errors and problems, SMS not properly working, and even the Google Play Store is broken. Basically this is a mess, and apparently this update wasn’t tested before being sent to the public. Way to go LG! Thumbs down for you. The Verizon Wireless community forum is filled with complaints.


For some the issue is so bad the Play Store is actually missing and users can’t connect to Google. Which means contacts are missing and won’t sync, calendar data is gone, and even photos and videos are being wiped out when usually updates never touch the SD card. What a mess. So far Verizon support hasn’t responded but one comment states an update is coming with fixes next week. For now if you happen to own the LG Intuition we’d probably recommend not accepting the update and waiting a few weeks. We’ll report back if Verizon or LG have something to say regarding these issues.

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