At CES this year, we got a chance to go hands-on with LG’s newest offerings. While many amazing tech was on display, one of the standouts were earphones that monitor your heart rate. The device has now cleared the FCC, and could make its way to store shelves soon.

The headphones were received as a curiousity, but over time started to make a bit of sense. When considering health monitoring, you could end up looking half RoboCop out there; chest straps, wristbands, smartphones. One thing people do quite a bit of when exercising is listen to music, making these uniquely handy for those who wish to monitor their heart without looking silly in the process.

Powered by PerformTek, your heart rate is monitored by small changes in blood flow within the ear. That measures the pulse rate, which gives you the core functionality of these earphones. PerformTek’s tech can also do other things like measure distance, speed, cadence, and pace, but it’s not clear if the LG Heart Rate Earphones will utilize those features.

A companion Bluetooth device clips to your clothing is what was likely of major interest to the FCC, and gives the earbuds their transmission prowess. LG says it will work with their fitness app, or various other offerings — MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, or MyFitnessPal for now. The earphones also control music, and can be used for calls. We still haven’t heard about pricing, or a solid timeframe for release. At CES, LG said the first half of 2014, but offered no other details.

VIA: SlashGear