Fresh off its success in the recently concluded Mobile World Congress, LG announced that in just four days, the LG G6 has already received 40,000 pre-orders in South Korea alone. Of course that doesn’t automatically translate to sales, but the OEM is surely harping on its early success to get a head start this year, even as Samsung prepares to unleash their new flagship devices in just a few weeks. In terms of global pre-orders, they have not made any announcements yet.

Since the LG G6 was officially announced at the MWC, where they also received several awards, there has been much interest in the new flagship, especially in their native South Korea. Since February 27, they have actually been conducing some tryout zones in around 3,000 stores in South Korea. And so when they opened pre-orders for it, then there was a flood of potential customers who wanted to make sure that they have one by the time it officially reaches the market. They received 40,000 pre-orders in just four days.

Part of this massive number and huge interest may be the fact that they’re also offering freebies like a genuine LG G6 case, display protection including one free repair in case the screen gets broken, plus huge discounts on accessories, wireless headphones, and even a Nescafe coffee machine. Now the challenge for LG would be to convert these to actual sales and also to continue their momentum over the next few weeks, before the Samsung marketing juggernaut starts taking over.

It’s worth noting that LG has done away with the modular design after the relative failure of the predecessor, the LG G5. It also boasts of its 5.7-inch 18:9 screen ratio called Full Vision, an improved camera with secondary sensor and wide-angled lens, and its beautiful design. They haven’t announced the global price yet but based on its local price (899,800 won), it may be around $780.