Although LG didn’t come to MWC 2015 with a bang as some might hoped, it isn’t letting the event pass without getting in a word or two. And while it didn’t reveal the LG G4 just yet, it might have dropped a few teasers that will make almost anyone curious about the Korean OEM’s plnas for its future flagships. Naturally, it is taking a few cues from its industry rivals, but quite interesting is the hints that LG might be moving on to a different kind of flagship afterwards.

The LG G4 will be very different. At least that’s the claim. How much so remains to be seen. LG will supposedly be switching to “metal-mixtured” body, following in the footsteps of Samsung’s now metal Galaxy S6 flagship. In terms of software, LG will also supposedly overhaul its user experience, dubbing it “LG UX 4.0”. Of course, this seems to be the trend these days, so it is hardly surprising to hear LG make such statements.

What is somewhat surprising, however, is LG mobile division leader Cho Juno’s statement that they will be releasing a product that would eclipse its G series. Now, this is somewhat contrary to the company’s past behavior. LG has been quick to capitalize on the LG G3‘s popularity by putting out numerous “G3” smartphones that have very little to do with the flagship’s premium qualities. Giving up on its most popular line then, is truly a radical move.

At a new conference, Cho also revealed LG’s growing ambitions to put its own home-made CPUs inside its devices. After failing twice, LG is rumored to be taking another stab at the Application Processor (AP) market. It seems to be following in Samsung’s footsteps in gradually weaning itself off Qualcomm’s chips. That said, Samsung already has a track record in that department, while LG has yet to prove itself capable. Cho didn’t drop any hint whether the LG G4 will be bearing that self-made processor of if the change will start in its still to be named successor.

SOURCE: Korea Times
VIA: SlashGear