LG is trying to build up the hype around its G3 flagship ahead of its availability in the US. It has just published a series of Smart Tip videos that demonstrate how to best use the smartphone’s unique features, whetting the public’s appetite in the process as well.

LG fans might be all too familiar with Knock Code, one of the manufacturer’s most advertised UX feature. It is the evolution of the simplistic Knock On the debuted with the LG G2. The best thing about Knock Code is that the pattern is recognized no matter where you do the pattern or how big, or small, you make it, as long as the taps fall in the correct quadrants.

Smart Notice is somewhat like LG’s equivalent to Google Now. It sits as a homescreen widget that offers you timely information and suggestions depending not only on context but also past actions you’ve taken or failed to take. For example, if you’ve missed or rejected a call, it will later remind you that you did so, in case you want to return the call. It also tries to be a bit more witty by actually giving you practical advice instead of just talking about the weather.

When it comes to multi-windows and multi-tasking, Samsung has had a head start. Nonetheless, LG has been catching up at its own pace, with the latest Dual Window incarnation landing on the G3. The feature, which is triggered by holding down the leftmost navigation button for 3 seconds, will let you split the screen between two windows. Like Samsung’s implementation, however, the number of apps supporting this are quite limited.

LG puts privacy and multi-user on the same level with Guest Mode, giving owners the ability to configure a different homescreen and set of available apps for “guests” or other users of the device. Add that to Content Lock mentioned before, which hides your files from unwanted eyes, and you’ve got a handy, but basic, privacy feature right out of the box.

Smart Keyboard tries to remove the need to hunt down for third-party alternatives. Aside from learning about your favorite words, it also adjusts itself to invisibly enlarge or shrink letters so that you still hit them even when you don’t, all based on learning from your habits of course.

And finally we come to the LG G3 feature that is not strictly a feature since it can only be used with an official accessory. QuickCircle gives a more rounded view of the smartphone than the earlier QuickWindow for the G2 and it offers more functionality than either its predecessor or Samsung’s own S-View cover. Better yet, LG is providing an SDK to let other Android app developers take advantage of this feature as well.

If those videos have gotten you hungry for the LG G3, you might just have to wait for a bit, or maybe even longer. The smartphone isn’t yet available in the market, except in Korea so far, and US carriers seem to be planning a late June or even later launch, though none have given an exact date yet.