The much praised LG flagship G3 smartphone has a lot going for it, in terms of intuitive design, state-of-the-art hardware and user-friendly features. One of its most praised attributes is its Smart Keyboard, with its enhancements that make the typing experience easier and even fun at times. The latest update to this virtual keyboard adds even more features that are seldom found in OEMs built-in or native keyboards.

While a lot of keyboards have a predictive text input, the LG G3’s Smart Keyboard is unique in that it can even suggest and predict what emoji you would need. If you seem to be typing curse words, then the keyboard might suggest an angry emoji to emphasise your point. It also has a Text Tone Suggestion that studies your typing habits and then suggests words that you use often, depending on the application. If you usually start your SMS with a “Hi,” then the next time you try to send a message, it will give you that suggestion.

If you sometimes use a language other than English when you type emails or messages, the Smart Keyboard will detect this and then change to the language you’re using. You don’t even have to go to the settings options, it will just turn your keyboard to French or Italian or Spanish. But maybe try to not confuse it too much by using all three languages at the same time. The Real-time Path Input lets you spell out words not by typing out the letter but by tracing the finger fluidly across the keyboard. It will also recommend words as you trace your fingers across the Smart Keyboard.

The Smart Keyboard has been heralded before for the fact that it can adjust to fit your hands’ height and thumb position, something that people with too large or too small hands genuinely need. LG President and CEO Dr. Jong-seok Park said they are also going beyond that and improving even more a “fundamental feature” that smartphone owners need. They have done extensive research to see what users really need and want from a virtual keyboard and applied it in the latest update.