LG is set to make their way to our wrists, according to media reports out of Korea. Not content with a simple smartwatch or health monitor offering, LG is said to offer one of each. the G-Arch is touted as being their first smartwatch offered to the public, while the G-Health is going to be a simple wristband, like the FitBit Flex.

Though no details about what the two could bring to the table were included, it did note that they could make an appearance at Mobile World Congress in February. That would be one year after Samsung debuted the Galaxy Gear and Note 3 to the world — perhaps to the day. Though the Galaxy Gear was clearly a bit ahead of its time, and is shown to be so each time we try to use it, we’d hope LG would have monitored that situation intently before bringing another wearable to the world.

Of course, the source of this news isn’t mentioned, nor is their relationship to LG. The Korean technology giant has previously stated they’d bring wearables to market, but hasn’t committed to a timeframe or form factor. They were previously said to be making a Google Glass type device, but those rumors have yet to pan out.

Additionally, LG is said to be prepping their next flagship, likely called the G3. Their newest offering is said to have fingerprint scanning technology, much like Apple’s Touch ID on the iPhone 5S. The G3 is also said to cobble in functionality for the G-Arch and G-Health, though we hope it doesn’t end there. If anything can be learned from Samsung, it’s that limited smartphone pairing only hurts what a wearable can be to consumers.

VIA: Pocket Lint