Now that the big guys are out, it’s time for the smaller ones to play. With the LG G3 getting quite an overall positive reception, it will soon be the LG G3 mini’s turn to take the spotlight, and this time it seems that LG has finally gotten what the word “mini” really means.

LG G2 mini, which appears in the photo above, may have “mini” in its name and is indeed smaller than the LG G2 itself, but the 4.7-inch smartphone isn’t exactly what people would immediately associate with “small”. This time, however, the LG G3 mini will be sporting a size of 4.5-inches. Yes, that is still quite a handful for some hands, but at least it is slowly dancing towards a mini goal. If previous rumors are to be added, this would be a 720p screen, which sounds just about right.


This information comes via Indian website Zauba, which also lists other specs for what is supposedly a test device of a certain LG D722 headed for South Korea. The smartphone is said to be powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU and have 8 GB of internal storage, no mention of the RAM size. Curiously, these are also the same figures for the LG G2 mini. Unlike the previous rumor, the camera on this device is marked at 5 megapixels, which is a step down from its predecessor’s 8 megapixel shooter.

Zauba lists the LG D722 with a value of 13,051 INR, or around $220, which sounds too good to be true. These leaked specs are all somewhat a bit of a mix of good and bad news, so we will still be holding our breath for more solid evidence of LG’s next miniature flagship.

VIA: TechRadar


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