We told you guys and gals to brace yourselves for the avalanche of Lollipop ROMs sure to come our way after Google officially released Android 5.0, and today we have a new one for you. This is stock a LG G3 ROM, for people who don’t want to mess with LG’s beautiful rendition of Android – but this one is in Lollipop. And rooted, just for you.

This one is brought to us by XDA developer “Skin1980” and taken from the latest Lollipop build for the LG G3 D855 variant. The project is specifically for people who want to keep the old bootloader for the LG G3, which is apparently the only one that will accept the latest TWRP custom recovery. Pretty logical.


There are specific instructions at the official thread for this ROM project (check out the source link below), but suffice it to say that you will need to have a rooted device and TWRP custom recovery installed in your LG G3 for this to work. And if you want to see exactly how that looks like, take a gander at this video below of the LG G3 on Android 5.0.

If you’re interested – and too impatient/excited to wait for the official updates to roll out – head on over to XDA to start the process. Of course, when you do these kinds of processes, please keep a working backup of your phone. We don’t want to hear about hearts getting broken because of bricked LG G3 units without a working backup to recover to.

SOURCE: XDA / YouTube Video


  1. I think LG’s approach towards Android Lollipop is plain sad. I have had the phone till last week and by all means their UI is not that desirable. After reading this article and the watching video only notification pull-down gives a sense of the “L”. I am neither for nor against the skinning on top of android. But LG should have respected all the design guides related to L. I switched my G3 with One M8 and happy to know that the upcoming update for One M8 is far more appealing and close to that of L and material.


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