An LG handset has been leaked once again, and it’s believed to be the G3 we’re expecting. The handset is sharply appointed in a gold color, and has an interesting sensor around the rear. It’s also got a bezel you have to see to believe, and might be the thinnest ever.

We’ll start around front, where you see LG keeping to their design standards with a device that’s nearly all screen. The side bezels are nearly gone on this handset, which is a feature LG pushes pretty hard. Top and bottom, you see a normal amount of space, which is typically fronting hardware inside the device.

Around back, we see a brushed gold color, which some think looks metal, but we think it will have the same material made famous on the G Flex. The brushed appearance there was also a self-healing plastic that could make small scratches and abrasions disappear.

There is also a small cutout next to the camera, which has us wondering. We doubt it’s a dual camera setup like we see on the HTC One (M8), but we’re not counting out some kind of camera feature. It likely isn’t a fingerprint sensor, and the flash is on the other side. Considering the size and position, we’d likely find this working with the camera in one form or another. The tipster, who originally leaked the images to SlashGear, wasn’t forthcoming on just what the cutout could be for.

We also find a more subdued button arrangement, but it keeps with LG’s plan to throw them all on the rear of the device — which keeps those bezels so small. They now look a lot flatter, getting away from the buttons that jutted out on the G Flex.

The G3 is expected to launch on May 27, so we’ll know then if these leaks are accurate or not. We’ll be there to bring you all the news as it happens, so be sure to check back then for all your LG G3 news.

Source: SlashGear