LG might truly be pulling out all the stops for its upcoming G3 flagship. This latest photo shows three LG G3 units, two of which are sporting what appears to be a brushed metal look.

The LG G3 is shaping up to be quite the beast, at least based on a mashup of rumors and what could be a precursor to LG’s upcoming smartphone. Last week, LG unveiled a device made in cooperation with Japanese carrier KDDI and available only in that region. The Isai FL, among other high-end specs, boasted a 5.5-inch 2K display, that’s 2560×1440 pixels. The very same size and resolution of a panel just recently announced by LG Display and expected to also make its way to the G3.

We’ve seen the smartphone’s supposed rear cover design a couple of times before, but those mostly focused on the revamped buttons and the mysterious second hole beside the camera. Now, however, we’re getting a glimpse at what appears to be glossy brushed metal rear covers, a slightly new design direction for LG. That said, we can’t really be sure how “metal” this cover will be, as it could be entirely made of plastic painted to emulate the look, and maybe the feel, of a more premium type of material, not unlike the faux leather that Samsung has used to mixed effect.

The source claims that the rear cover is actually removable, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the battery will be or that it will apply to all markets. Also implied in this shot are the three color options that could be available for the G3: black, white, and a gold one slightly hiding above. Excited for the LG G3? The wait shouldn’t be that long anymore as the company has hinted that it will be making the announcement some time around the end of this month.

VIA: phoneArena