LG’s latest flagship, the G3, is ready for prying eyes and fumbling thumbs. SlashGear has gone hands-on with the device in London, and offers up a glimpse at just what makes the device so good. A big, beautiful screen and impressive camera are just a few of the options we’ve seen today, while the Snapdragon 801 and 3GB RAM keeps things humming along.

Though the device isn’t quite ready for prime time, it has a nearly final OS. The hardware options are finished, so what we see is almost what we’ll get when the device launches stateside this summer. LG touts it as “simpler”, but is the G3 really a “simple” device?


The camera is a 13MP shooter, which is a holdover form last year’s G2. Software tweaks will improve some aspects of the device, but the new laser focus promises to make shutter speed concerns go away. By finding your focal point quicker than simple software, the device offers to get you snapping pics quickly and easily.

The screen keeps up nicely, with a vibrant Quad HD and pixel density that make colors pop. Wide viewing angles make for a better overall experience, with SlashGear’s Vincent Nguyen saying “it’s easy to see how devices like the G3 will distinguish themselves on store shelves.”


The metallic looking body we’ve been seeing? Not metal at all, really. It’s also not the scratch-resistant material found on the G Flex, even though it looks the part. Instead, it’s the plastic variety that is brushed to look handsome, which has purpose. The G3 has wireless charging and a removable battery, so metal would have likely interfered.

Unfortunately, the software is incomplete, so we can’t gauge it’s utility just yet. Icons are flatter, and the font has changed a touch, but it’s not one we’re comfortable going in-depth with just yet. If you’re ready to start deciding if the G3 is right for you, head over to SlashGear’s full review.


Source: SlashGear


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