Now there’s no more guessing if and when LG will be unveiling the LG G3. The Korean company has practically bared it all with a new video that tries to make us drool in anticipation for the announcement on May 27.

The video confirms some that we’ve already heard and gives hope to some of our biggest wishes. Of course, most of that relates to the back of the device. Here we see confirmations of the redesign rear button controls and that oh so mysterious second opening beside the camera. But perhaps more significant is that the smartphone will come with a brushed metal surface, making it look, and hopefully feel, like a very premium device.

But the front details are also important. Or rather, the lack of details. Aside from the front-facing speaker grill, there isn’t anything on the LG G3’s face. This gives more room for the display, which is still unconfirmed but most likely to be that 2K display everyone is talking about. No buttons on the side either, as everything as been relocated to the back. Quite noticeable, too, is the slimness of the device, though we’re not expecting it to compete in the somewhat ridiculous world’s thinnest smartphone race.

“Simple is the new smart” is what LG would have us believe, and, considering all the fancy gimmicks and whatnot we’ve seen of late, we’re inclined to agree. But saying is one thing, doing is another. LG will be unveiling the LG G3 on May 27, 6:00 PM London time, and we’ll be eagerly watching to see if it will be able to deliver on that promise.