Now that we’re stateside, it’s time to benchmark the LG G3. The device may be an international version, but it does work with AT&T’s global GSM bands. Here in Charlotte, NC, we ran the device through a quick AnTuTu test while on LTE to see how it stood up to the rest of the field.

All told, the G3 is impressive. While not a world beater in these tests, it does hold up just as expected. A score of 29,156 puts it just ahead of other powerful devices like the Note 2 and Galaxy S4. It also sits well behind the Note 3, and a sub-30,000 score is a bit of a surprise. We like what we’re seeing overall, but we caution against getting too excited about them just yet.

This benchmark was done on a device that is not the version we’ll see in the US. It’s also not a G3 that has a final hardware build. For all intents and purposes, this is a beta device, more “proof of concept” than consumer-ready. While it will be the hardware we see on the final build, the software is of equal importance here.

So, check out the array of pics below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Does this entice you to wait for it to come out, or are you still not buying into benchmarks? Sound off below!

Update: We added more results from 3D Mark and GFX.