If you are rocking the T-Mobile LG G2x or the Optimus 2x we have some good news today. The awesome developer Ricardo Cerqueira who brought us CM7 to both devices has been working hard and has just released CyanogenMod 9 Ice Cream Sandwich builds for both dual-core Tegra 2 phones. Hurray! Ricardo has been sharing all the details and progress over on his Google+ page.

He clearly states that he’s released CyanogenMod 9 builds for both the p990 (LG Optimus 2X) and p999 (T-Mobile G2x) but that they are unofficial, unsupported, and still a work in progress. Knowing my fellow Android fans I’m sure a few are eager to give these a try and will be flashing it tonight, even though they are still in alpha stages.

Currently these are running quite stable but not without a few glitches or bugs, so flash at your own risk. A few remaining issues with the camera and video are the main hurdles. He mentions no media acceleration, no video encoding or decoding either. Apps specific to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich requiring media acceleration like the new Google Chrome for Android will most likely struggle, and have a few glitches.

However, Face Unlock seems to be coming along and he’s also managed to get ClockWorkMod Touch Recovery working great too. Check out the preview video below then head to the source links for all the downloads. Obviously this is a use at your own risk situation. These are highly beta and not supported so use caution. Enjoy!

Download Links

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