Yesterday brought an LG G2 related leak that dealt with the battery. While still considered rumor, it is looking like the handset will debut with a 2540 mAh battery. We can put that previous leak to the side though because today is a new day that has brought a new leak. This latest is coming by way of The Wall Street Journal and deals with the size of the display and the name of the handset.

Again, similar to everything else we have heard about the LG G2 — this is a leak and therefor should be considered rumor until the August 7th announcement. With that reminder out of the way, this leak is interesting in that it deals with two pieces that seem to be going back and forth. To begin with, the WSJ is reporting that the G2 will have a 5.2-inch display.

“The new phone to be released next month will have a 5.2-inch screen, said one person familiar with the matter.”

Of course, as those following along with likely remember, earlier rumors have flip-flopped back and forth between a 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch display size. This same report also touches on some of the specifics of the display. This part is a little more speculation, however it does seem to have been a coincidence of timing with an LG Display Co. announcement.

The company recently announced a new LCD display that is 5.2-inches. The interesting part here is the dimensions of the screen. It was said this display measures in at 2.2mm thin which makes it the “slimmest full high-definition screen available.” This same display also has a thin bezel, one that measures in at just 2.3mm in size.

Otherwise, getting back to the name of the handset. Most of these earlier rumors have referred to the handset as the LG G2 — with an emphasis being on the lack of Optimus. Anyway, based on the word of “people familiar with the matter” the handset is “likely” going to be announced as the LG Optimus G 2.

Bottom line here, as we mentioned yesterday, it seems likely these rumors are going to continue right up until the August 7th announcement.



  1. That would be great if it’s the 5.2″. For me a 5′ to 5.2′ display is good. The Note and other phablets are too big for my liking. I like having a big screen, but not so big that you can’t hold it. But that size would be my max for still being somewhat comfortable

      • Yea that would be perfect! I’d take 3GB of ram too with that 800, and it will be a beast! Hopefully VZW stops slacking on their device choices and picks this bad boy up


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