Earlier this month we saw our first look at the brand new and impressive looking LG G2 smartphone, and this week LG wants to show it off a bit more. With the Galaxy Note III coming soon, not to mention a few devices from Sony and a rumored Nexus refresh, why should you choose the LG G2? LG wants to show you exactly why with these two new videos.

Whether you’re an HTC or Samsung fan, the LG G2 has a pretty impressive set of specs that can’t be ignored, not to mention Galaxy-like list of software tweaks. With a 5.2-inch 1080p display, 2.3 GHz quad-core processor and a 13 megapixel camera it certainly has most boxes checked in the specs race.

This new video below is giving you a pretty detailed product introduction and overview that should help you decide if the G2 is right for you. It highlights the display, processing power, camera, back buttons, and tons of accessory options like their new case lineup. Take a peek below.

LG does a pretty great job showing off what they have to offer, and that just might sway a few people to purchase the device instead of the massive upcoming Note III. Then, yesterday LG didn’t stop there and dropped a video showing anything and everything the G2 camera can do. They even took the phone to the edge of the Earth for some great photography.

One thing is certain. The LG G2 is an impressive phone that is positioned to do better than any device they’ve released thus far. Set to hit 4 major US carriers before mid September it should be making a huge splash soon. More details can be found in our own hands-on.