LG recently set out to update their G2 flagship device to Android 4.4 — in Korea. That was said to be a precursor to a wider update, with one french carrier promising a December rollout. As it turns out, Android 4.4 in Korea was little more than a soak test, and only doled out to about 5% of G2 owners.

Unlike a normal soak test, the consumers were unaware they’d be participating. For them, it was simply an update. Typically, an OEM asks for participants who will report directly to them if there are any troubles with their device or apps after the update. Once an OEM feels good about the firmware, they release it to a wider audience. With LG in Korea, there was no ‘opt-in’ or ‘report back’ policy.

LG is said to be pleased with their efforts, though many users report battery drain issues and browser troubles. For a smartphone, those are two fairly important issues. LG seems content that there are no actual bugs with the update, so they’re said to be releasing it to all Korean G2 owners next week.

That puts a wider release is question. We are fans of the soak test, but one that is said to be a plain update is misleading — to everyone. We’re also a bit concerned that it’s taking as long as it is, when other OEMs are actually done with the update process. We like the G2, but we also like updates — and we can get those in a timely manner elsewhere.
VIA: Phone Arena