Three Android Wear smartwatches have been unveiled to date, and to the dismay of many — only two of those are currently available for purchase. Google showcased these watches during the I/O keynote and the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live came available for pre-order later that day.

And well, in a bit of good news for those who opted for the LG G Watch — shipments appear to be getting underway. We’ve received confirmation from several readers about how they have received the shipment notification. Of course, as the Play Store had been promising the G Watch to start shipping on July 3rd — this comes more as confirmation than surprise.

If you happen to have placed an order for an LG G Watch you should check your email, or head to Google Now to look for the specifics pertaining to your shipment. Naturally, the shipping timeframe will depend on the option you picked during the checkout process. While paying extra for the next day delivery may not have seemed like a priority (due to the extra cost) at the time, we suspect a few are thinking otherwise now.

Bottom line, LG G Watch shipments are now underway. Those who picked the Samsung Gear Live still have a few days of waiting. The Play Store listing for the Gear Live is still showing a shipping date of July 8th — as it had been since the pre-orders went live after Google I/O. Lastly, now that the shipments have begun the LG G Watch is showing a status of being in-stock and as being able to leave the warehouse in 1 to 2 business days.


  1. I got an e-mail last night that my gear live watch is being shipped. I paid for overnight shipping, but sadly UPS doesn’t ship on the 4th of July so I will have to wait till tomorrow.

    • I thought Google Play only offers one day shipping, not overnight. If I understand the difference correctly, I don’t think our devices will arrive on Saturday, but rather Monday. But I hope I am wrong!

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