We’re finally getting word that LG’s round-face smartwatch – the LG G Watch R – is finally launching, albeit in their home market in South Korea first. LG has had a history of doing that, and so we in the international tech community and consumers at large would have to wait just a bit more for the international launch.

The LG G Watch R is the South Korean manufacturer’s answer to the huge draw and popularity of Motorola’s Moto 360 – the first Android Wear product to take on a radical round design. And according to LG, the Korean market will get first taste of the pretty round watch on October 14. That’s not too far away now.

As for international markets like the US and Europe, there is no mention of a launch date yet – but you can’t imagine LG making these profit-rich markets wait for too long, could you? No, we don’t think so as well. Especially when this could be LG’s “Moto 360 killer”. Take a gander at our hands on with the LG G Watch R video below.

LG is harping on its full circle OLED screen, possibly making fun of the Moto 360’s “flat tire” round design. It sports a Snapdragon 400 processor, pretty powerful for a smartwatch, and a 410mAh battery – bigger capacity than the Moto 360’s 300mAh battery. LG says that the LG G Watch R wearable device will retail at around USD$330 in Korea on launch date.

VIA: SlashGear