LG is setting the pricing pace for the upcoming crop of smart wearables. The South Korean company has confirmed their G Watch, based on the Android Wear platform, will be £180 or less. This price point, should they translate it to other geographies and currencies, will put it at just under $250 stateside.

Showing off a non-working model of the watch, LG confirmed the pricing to Pocket Lint. As we saw with renders of the device, it will be a small slate with no discernible buttons. LG also confirmed the straps of the watch can be swapped, making it as much fashion statement as technology.


In pictures, we see the LG G Watch is just a touch larger than Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. Given the box-y design, it will likely be a skosh bulkier as well. Pocket Lint noted it felt “premium”, and had a healthy about of density to it. Of course, they’re handling a non-working device, and there could always be changes made ahead of launch.

If $250 is the target for LG’s wearable, we should expect others to follow suit. Motorola’s 360 smartwatch, a cleaner example of design brilliance, should match or beat that pricing. The curiosity for us is the design on the G Watch: if there are no buttons, how do we power it on and off? Again, a dummy device, so we won’t get too worked up yet. How LG will skin the device is much more concerning to us.

Source: Pocket Lint