LG continues teasing the crowd with its upcoming Android Wear entry. While still not giving out more solid details about the device, the LG G Watch is now revealed to come with another color option, that of a luxurious looking champagne gold.

It has been a little over a month since LG revealed the LG G Watch, one of the first implementations of Google’s equally new Android Wear platform. Motorola is the other big name that is rooting for Google’s formal wearable push, with a design vision that is rather unusual for a smartwatch.


The LG G Watch, on the other hand, doesn’t stray far from recent smartwatch conventions, with that square display that is arguably more similar to a smartphone’s own design. Based on dummy models, the watch has no buttons, though it is entirely possible that LG would modify the design before formal product launch. If not, we might end up with a rather interesting but potentially confusing smartwatch in the market.

LG originally revealed the G Watch in a black color scheme, which it now names as Stealth Black. Now it adds the Champagne Gold to its list. As per our last report, LG is planning to sell these smartwatches for $250 a piece and there has been no word so far about any changes in those plans.