Android custom ROMs are one of the things that makes Android special and powerful. There is almost always a ROM for a smartphone or tablet, and even one for a smartwatch. So it is no surprise that rootzwiki has just revealed Gohma, the first Android Wear custom ROM that has been built for the LG G Watch.

The speed at which Gohma was made available is indeed commendable. Although images for Android Wear have been available for quite some time now, it was only recently that the G Watch itself started shipping. Of course, to get a custom ROM for a particular device working and tested, you will need the actual device. Factor in the fact that Android Wear, while still Android beneath, is a bit of a different beast, ROM creator jakeday’s accomplishment is definitely impressive.

But what do you get if you install this ROM on your shiny new G Watch? According to the developer, Gohma offers increased battery life, reduced lag when switching screens, and improved overall performance. There are also very specific changes like increasing the vibration intensity by just a bit. jakeday also says that there are other surprises, probably for future versions of the ROM.

Unfortunately, installing Gohma won’t be a walk in the park, even compared to the sometimes stress-inducing process of installing other ROMs. The ZIP file that you will download can’t be flashed directly and needs to be extracted manually. Fortunately, there is a script utility included that automates part of the process, no matter what platform you’re on. Of course, installing a custom ROM always carries an amount of risk, which might be even greater considering this is so far uncharted territory.

VIA: rootzwiki