Playing up the hype that will lead to its unveiling this month, LG is little by little divulging features of its upcoming G Pro 2 smartphone. This time the Korean manufacturer is focusing on its camera with a feature that it simply calls OIS Plus.

OIS or Optical Image Stabilization is a technology that is becoming one of the most wanted feature in cameras on smartphones. After all, even the highest megapixel lens can be foiled by a shaky hand. LG’s current G2 flagship debuted with OIS for its 13 megapixel camera. Now LG is revealing that the G Pro 2 will also have OIS and a bit more.

What that bit will be, LG still hasn’t fully explained except as something better than plain OIS in correcting blurring due to shaky hand movement. It supposedly also works great even in low light situations. But while LG is keeping mum on the plus of its OIS technology, it is revealing all about the two cameras on the G Pro 2. The front-facing camera will have a 2.1 megapixel lens with improved performance. The rear camera sports 13 megapixels capable of shooting UHD videos with resolutions of 3840×2160. It can also shoot in burst mode of up to 20 photos and can even do slow motion capture at 1/4 speed but only in HD quality.

LG is still keeping parts of the G Pro 2 in the dark for now, but it is believed to be a large 6-inch phablet. If previous press releases are any indication, LG may incrementally reveal bits and pieces of the smartphone before it finally announces the whole package later this month.



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