Next up in our extended look at the LG G Pro 2 — the Dual Browser mode. This one is simple, but at the same time, really nice to have with such a large display. As a refresher, the LG G Pro 2 sports a 5.9-inch display. A 1080p at that. But regardless of the resolution, it can sometimes be convenient to run two apps at the same time.

We’ve seen similar setups with others. ZTE has this feature on the Boost MAX, and many will remember Multi Window from Samsung. In this case, LG calls it Dual Browser and has it working with a little more than a dozen apps. Specifically, with 14 apps including;

  • LG apps: Video, Internet, Message, Email, Memo, Gallery, File Manager, Dictionary, DMB (TV)
  • Google apps: Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Hangouts, YouTube

Note: the DMB (TV) app will be one limited to the Korean version of the handset.

Using this is simple — you just tap and hold the back button. From that point you will see a new box popup in the middle of the display. That box has icons for those previously mentioned 14 apps, as well as a “recent” box. In order to actually begin using the apps, just tap and drag one app to the top, and the other to the bottom.


LG then has Dual Browser setup so you can drag to resize the windows. You can also tap to view the app list, switch the two screens, open one as a full screen, or close the last app. Those tasks are accomplished by hitting the blue ‘three line’ menu icon in the middle, then choosing the appropriate circle icon.

A video walkthrough of LG’s Dual Browser mode sits below. And otherwise, make sure to keep an eye on the LG G Pro 2 hub for more coverage.