And still on the race of manufacturers trying to get Android 5.0 to their devices, the good people at the XDA developers forum have given word that the LG G Pad 8.3 already has a Lollipop update rolling out at this moment. That’s good news for all the users of the said tablet, as there was very little news about the tablet being upgraded to Android Lollipop.

So if you are interested in getting the update, a notification should be showing up on your G Pad 8.3 at this point. If so, this will be a straightforward process of downloading the update and waiting until it gets installed. Exercise patience, it could take a while.


But if you still don’t have the OTA notification, you can head on over to the XDA thread we got the news from (via the source link) and download, then install, the Android Lollipop update manually. Of course it is not designed to be used that way, so always keep backups if needed.

The thread starter has also provided a handy “return to stock 4.4.4” link there on the thread if needed. Check out the source link below.