If you’re interested in the LG G Flex, but are wondering when it will hit the US, your wait for information is over. LG has just announced their curved wonder will hit the US in Q1 2014, and available for thereof the big four carriers. Oddly, it excludes a big name player from the fray, but we don’t expect that to be the case long term.

LG is saying the G Flex will be available from T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint in the first three months of this year. While they didn’t include any specific rollout dates or timeframes, it’s good to know that most will have it, and have it quickly. With so many early opt-out plans from each carrier, it could make those eager for a reason to jump ship happy, too.

Oddly, this leaves Verizon out, though we’re not surprised by that. Big Red loves their customized devices, and have enjoyed a relationship with LG that supports that. The G2 with Verizon came with redesigned buttons on the back, which left some wondering why. The stock buttons, which everyone else enjoyed, we’re just fine. We’d expect something similar with the G Flex. Custom colors, maybe a new texture on the back. We don’t know, but we doubt the drought will last for Verizon customers.

Though Samsung may have been first, LG is bringing a curved smartphone to market before anyone in 2014. We like the big, vibrant display of the G Flex, hough we will say the curvature takes a bit of getting used to. We’ll be bringing you more coverage from CES 2014, so be sure to check back often!