If you’ve seen the video of LG’s G Flex bending slightly under pressure, you know it holds up well to the stressed it can face in day-to-day activity. A report out of Korea suggests that a successor is already in the works, and might feature more flexing that we’re ready for. With a chassis that is also set to flex under strain, the newer G Flex could be nearly indestructible.

A hard rubber could make up the next G Flex chassis, and resist breakage at up to 90 degrees. This new technology is said to be making a debut sometime in the second half of 2014, but we’ll need more evidence regarding other technology first. We know other components are being developed to take advantage of flexibility a new G Flex could offer, but we have yet to see them in real world situations.

First, we’d like to see a truly flexible screen outside of some Samsung display units that aren’t ready for primetime. We’ve seen those screens without a frame, which is meant to showcase a kind of paper-esque design, but not in a traditional smartphone form factor. We’d also like evidence of flexible batteries, which comprise a large portion of the rigidity phones have. A bendable chassis is great, but only if the sum of its other parts can keep up.

We’ll also keep in mind this is little more than a rumor, and the Korean media as of late is suspect, with a few reports being officially refuted. It sounds interesting, and LG is clearly on the cusp of the flexible phone trend, but we’d like to see more details before getting overly excited.

VIA: Android Authority