LG has set their sights high for 2013. Just like many companies preparing for the new year, LG is aiming for some impressive sales numbers and has recently detailed a few of their goals and expectations. In 2012 LG sold roughly 55 million phones but according to the Korean Times they plan to sell quite a bit more in 2013.

The manufacturer of the popular Optimus line and smartphones like the extremely popular yet hard to find Nexus 4 had a pretty good year in 2012, but 2013 they’re aiming for a pretty big improvement. According to the reports LG has set a modest and realistic goal to sell around 75 million phones in 2013. They also detailed that 45 million will be purely smartphones.

I’m a little worried with the fact that they still expect to sell 30 million dumb-phones, but maybe they just consider that part of the Windows Phone 8 sales. All jokes aside between WP8 and Android LG should have pretty impressive numbers throughout the year. Especially if they continue releasing top-tier quality handsets like the Optimus G, and update in a timely manor.

While 75 million phones is impressive, Samsung expects to ship around 500 million this year. Just to give you an idea on where both stand as far as competition and sales go. Samsung sold 420 million in 2012 so they had a pretty impressive year too, to say the least. While LG’s not new to phone sales, their attack on the Android smartphone world has been a little slow. Upcoming flagship devices like the LG Optimus G2 should certainly help them out. Competition is always healthy so we wish you good luck LG. Keep it up!

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